Kevin McCarthy



Originally trained as a Doctor of Chiropractic continued on to attain Masters Degrees in both Education and Organizational Psychology.  Currently working to complete his PhD in Organization Psychology and Human Development.  Also trained for two years with Bill Isaacs (MIT and Dialogos) in practices of dialogue, leadership, and teams.   Completed a certificate program in Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement through the Kettering Foundation.


Leadership Experience

Was in various levels of leadership in eduction and healthcare including  Vice President of Clinics and Education for a three campus system.  In this role I experienced the great challenges of leading change in three completely different cultures.  Also participated in an interdisciplinary healthcare collaborative through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and led multi-institutional collaborations for change in both healthcare and eduction.


Coaching and Consulting

Has worked with Professor's Mike Tushman (Harvard Business) and Charles O'Reilly (Stanford GSB) in providing small group coaching in the Leading Change and Organizational Renewal program.  Also worked in their consulting firm Change Logic.  Currently works with consulting firm Upstart Logic providing coaching and consulting services and with Mobius Executive Leadership group providing executive coaching.  Kevin has also provided facilitation in leadership development with chapters of the American Leadership Forum in the Sacramento, Great Valley and Silicon Valley regions.


Personal Approach

I have been engaged with leaders in change efforts for almost 20 years.  I have tremendous respect for the dedication, courage, and personal development that leaders demonstrate in the turbulent challenges of change.  My approach is informed by the wonderful scholar practitioner Edgar Schein, who after 40 years of consulting and teaching described this work as "humble consulting."  In contrast to an expert model of consulting, this approach emphasizes relationships and learning and seeks to empower leaders through a process of discovery, insight, and applied learning.